August 13, 2003 these two photos were taken on Drexel Road around 9:00pm . The night was partly cloudy and the activity was low, however I was able to register some images on film as we watched the strobe-lights illuminate a part of the Pine Bush woods.  All recent images were taken on a 35mm camera with 800asa film. Several of my other photos had smaller images and orb like technology but they were not worth scanning. I thought these two images were interesting to post.



Triangular orb taken at the same sequence as the above photos were filmed. This triangle shape surprised me it was the first time I have seen a triangular shaped orb. 

This photo is defiantly unique. It was also taken with a 35mm camera with 800asa film speed. There appears to be a foreign type of machinery in the center of this photo. When this machinery was filmed it appeared there was nothing in the fields besides myself and another researcher. There seems to be a white light on the left and to the right of the machine it appears to resemble an  exhaust system. If anyone has any thoughts or comments please about this photo.


Enhanced and enlarged photo






I will try to update this page as much as possible. I have made a few trips up to the Pine Bush area and haven't witnessed much, this is mainly due to the work schedule I have along with the weather factor. As of May 11 the trips I have taken yielded no photos, ariel or ground phenomenon. there was one photo in particular that was taken on the 29th of April by a close friend. We didn't document where the photo was taken but we do have it narrowed down to which area. This photo shows a triangle pattern of lights which are all symmetrical in the photo. Due to the low light situation I was only able to crop and enlarge it a small amount. There are three lights in a triangular pattern. Any questions please email me at sightings@pinebushufo.com.


Triangle Craft !!!

Original scan               Enlarged image



June 10th 2004

Streaking object...

On June 10th I was in the area of Drexel Drive. I photographed these two streaks of light with a night vision camera. There was no aircraft in the area at the time and there was no sound associated with these streaks. These streaks were as fast as the aperture opening and closing on the camera. They weren't visible to the naked eye.


Diagram of Streaks



June 15th 2004


A week later and I was able to film another streaking object in the clouds. Not too sure what this phenomenon is or if it is somehow weather related! Taken on Drexel Drive.


    Photo taken at the Jewish cemetery on Route 52. Strange "Batman" shaped imaged filmed just inside the cemetery gates.


Series of four photos all taken in less then a minute. I received this oval shaped orb floating just above the ground of Drexel Drive on Wednesday June 23. This particular phenomenon is different then the normal "orbs" that others capture on digital cameras. These photos were taken without a flash, so there was nothing for the flash to bounce off of to crate this image. What ever was there was only there for a few seconds and then disappeared!



July 29th 2004

Single photo taken on Drexel Drive with my Sony night cam. This shot was taken in infrared with no flash involved. At the time there was no plane or ariel activity. The sky was clear with no movement! When I looked at the photo I noticed dual headlights right above the tree line. I didn't notice anything visible at the time but apparently there was!