Here is one of the strangest photos that was ever taken on West Searsville Road. It was taken by a close friend of mine, I am not sure what time , but I know it was taken with a small Kodak camera with 400ASA film. I am going to post a diagram so you can see the image that is hiding in this picture. On the right hand side of the photo is a creature. I am not calling it a "grey" but it does have the same features of the reported Grey type species. Take a look and judge for yourself. I had a professional film developer take a look at this photo and they assured me that there was a figure in the right hand corner of the photo. They could not distinguish what kind of body type or species or animal is in the photo. As far as I am concerned its not an animal that was in the area where we were filming because it would have run off into the woods as soon as it heard us coming.

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