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1971 – A policeman woke up in his home and saw a 30-meter diameter disc in the yard outside his home, located between the towns of Crawford and Pine Bush in Ulster County, New York. The UFO hovered and pulsated close to his house for 40 minutes. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case 9224, citing Ellen Crystal, p. 19).


From: "Terry Colvin"
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 95 10:01:35 EST
Subject: Pine Bush Sightings

The Pine Bush sightings I saw on 8/11 are a flying craft with lights. I  don't know what craft it is or where it comes from.
I have  "no beef" in this regard. This was my first  trip to Pine Bush and also my first expedition to look for  "UFO's."
I do not plan to publish a book, etc. To show good faith, I will sell a copy of my photos to anyone who wants them at cost plus mailing.  If you want a copy of the 6 best photos I took please let me know and I will determine what it will cost to get you a copy. Maybe someone with some expertise can tell what we saw from the photos.
I hope others who are interested will help determine what is going on at Pine Bush. These are slow moving crafts , not supersonic jets. My photos show the lights on the craft.
Please check it out for yourself by going to Pine Bush . They are not balloons, ultra lights, or small aircraft.  There were at least 30 people on West  Searsville Rd last Friday (8/11/95) when this one  sighting occurred. I graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1980 with an M.D. degree. I  hardly wish to discredit myself by making up a story about something I did not see. I saw it and I have posted my perception of what I saw.  The craft is delta shape, slow moving, and travels only a few hundred feet about the  earth. What it is, I don't know. But IT IS REAL.

Michael Borland, M.D., Ph.D.


A resident stays quiet until now about their 1997 sighting:

It was February 1997 and I was driving home from a friend's wake. Ironically I had just passed his parent's house when I noticed a strange sight above me. Strange enough for me to stop the car and pull over. It was right near the intersection of Bruyn Turnpike and Red Mills Road intersection, not far from the Jehovah Witness complex. Above me what seemed to be only a couple hundred feet was a triangular shaped light formation. It was just hovering as still as could be. I sat in the car for a couple minutes watching before I decided to get out and take a better look. Once I got out the object very slowly and without a sound climbed altitude and disappeared out of sight. My family was with me as well, to confirm I wasn't dreaming.



A fellow Pine Bush Sky watcher writes:



Thank you for your highly interesting and enjoyable web site.  My wife's family have been members for 30 years in a small summer bungalow colony
co-op near Pine Bush.  Virtually everyone at the co-op has a story to tell that dates from the area's peak UFO activity, approx. late 1970s - early
1990s.  One co-op resident claims to have had a "close encounter" on their part of the property, complete with physical restraint and a very close UFO take-off sighting (out of their back yard!), a story corroborated by her ex-husband who is an otherwise scientifically critical person.  I myself
have been spending about 6 months out of every year there for the last 4 years, but unfortunately have not had any sightings or experiences.  I am "a believer", however, in that an ex-girlfriend and I did witness a UFO fly-by at fairly close range one night while camping at Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico, summer of 1994.  But, of course, it is ludicrous to think that we are "alone" here on this lonely planet...

More from this witness....

Here are more details regarding that one woman's dramatic experience at the co-op, c. 1990:  it was autumn, and the co-op member and her then-husband (they are now divorced) were asleep in bed about 4am in a ground-floor bedroom that faces away from the co-op property and towards some woods and the neighbor's place. She says that she was awakened by the sound of footsteps crunching dry leaves outside the window. Before she could open her eyes to look, she said that a "non-verbal communication" came into her head saying, "do not open your eyes or you will be afraid." She was also restrained in her bed by some kind of force-field that quickly lulled her into a state of half-sleep (I challenged her on this point, citing many
examples of temporary sleep-paralysis -- where you cannot move your limbs and feel as though a weight is on your chest -- but she said that prior to
the restraint, she had been fully awake and was preparing to get out of bed to look out the window). A period of time passed, at which point the
restraint suddenly stopped, and she was awake and free to get up and look out the window. At this point in the story, what happened next has been
corroborated by her ex- who is an environmental scientist and a relatively sober and no-bull shit fellow. The movement of his wife awakened him, they both got out of bed, and they threw open the curtains in time to see a school-bus sized saucer slowly levitating upwards from out of their back yard or just over the bushes in the neighbor's field, about 150 feet away. The saucer was rimmed with brightly colored lights, while around the saucer whizzed a
number of small white "tracer" lights. The couple watched out the window for 20-30 seconds as the saucer slowly and silently lifted up into the low
autumn nighttime cloud-cover and disappeared without a sound.

Both of them claim that it was a singular event, never visited afterwards or witnessed anything up-close, nor was she abducted or anything like that. The
ex-husband has seen other strange lights in the forest in more recent years farther up north along Route 7 near where he now lives.

However, the place where they saw the saucer lift off from is also the same general area where nearly all 12 other co-op members have at one time or
another seen odd bright lights through the trees late at night. The last sighting of lights over in that corner of the property was maybe 5-6 years
ago, just before my time at the co-op began. The area of the property in question is part of the wooded flood-plain area of the Shawangunk River, and
has since been purchased by a neighbor who has built a large horse barn near the general UFO spot (just up from the heavily wooded flood area where the land slopes down to meet the river).

Other friends' sightings over the years involve fire glowing objects levitating up off of the top ridge of Shawangunk Mountain before shooting
off into the night sky, and also a sighting over the mountain of the famous Hudson Valley Crescent-shaped craft.


A local resident writes on 4/25/04:

Hi, I was reading your website and I felt I should contact you.  I grew up in Pine Bush, I lived on Rosa Gap Road until I was 19.  I thought you might be interested in something I saw in 1989 at dusk.  I don't know if this is what ground strobing is but it sounded familiar. 
     I was sitting in my living room (I lived pretty deep in the woods, we were surrounded by trees and there were no businesses ANYWHERE nearby) I was watching television when I noticed a light in the trees.  I went out on the porch (without turning on the lights) and I saw a long beam of light moving back and forth between the trees.  I remember thinking at first that it was a search because of the movement.  I tried to justify it at first and told myself that it was a helicopter but I realized there was no sound and the source of the light was below the tree line, no helicopter could fly like that.  I am pretty convinced that this was a UFO, I wouldn't go into those woods for weeks because I had the feeling that there was a being lost in there!  I've seen and heard other things but nothing was as big as that, nothing had such an impact on me.  I doubt this story can do anything for you but I thought you might enjoy hearing another story from a Pine Bush native!

And More from the same witness.......

My family thought I was crazy when the incident happened and I'm sure they would still feel that way!  I had something else happen to me but I have never been sure if it was real or not.  I found out a few months later that a similar thing had happened to some other people but I'm still not sure if it happened.  I'll tell you but if you think its crazy then maybe it wasn't real.


     It happened on June 3, 1990, I remember because it was my birthday.  Anyway, I was asleep when for no reason I woke up at 1:30 am.  I saw the outline of a short person in my bedroom door, I thought at first it was a ghost because it was kind of hazy, not blurry, but kind of filmy.  I don't really know how to describe it.  I couldn't really move for a while, I was really scared.  I remember trying to scream but nothing would come out.  Finally I heard myself screaming and the next thing I remember is my mother bursting in.  I asked her if she saw a man in my room and she just yelled at me for waking her up.  That was it, I didn't go back to sleep because I was so scared.  It never happened again but my best friend told me that her father used to go to these UFO meetings (don't know when or where) and that a similar thing had happened to four other people on the same night.  I've always kind of laughed it off and assumed it was a dream or something but the reason I'm telling you this is because I'm curious if you've ever heard of anything like that before.  Since I've moved out of Pine Bush I've never had anything else happen ever again.  The story I told you last night and this one were the freakiest things I've ever witnessed.  I've seen lights out on Searsville road and also on lover's lane out by the town of Crawford park (can't remember the name of the road but its the road that goes straight just before you turn to go to the park, who knows it might be developed by now, I haven't been back in about 10 years)  Anyway, like I said, I have always believed that the first incident was truly UFO activity but I have never been really sure about the second, that's why I didn't mention it yesterday. 



Thomas from Callicoon, NY writes

The year was 2000 when I photographed this image.

This picture was taken up on Route 209 near the town of Kinston. It's about 30 miles north of Pine Bush. But I believe this experience had nothing to do with Pine Bush and its weirdness. This was just a regular gloomy day. I was driving around and had an idea that a day like this would make for a couple of great black and white photo's. So I hit the local Wal-Mart, picked up a roll of 35 mm black and white film and off I went. Cruising along Route 209, there it was this very old coach train I would say from the 1930s. It was just sitting off the main road on some old rusty tracks.  My older brother is a big NYC train buff, so I figured he would love some shots of this train. I took a bunch of shots from inside and outside, then climbed up on the roof. This is where the photos was taken. Whatever this phenomenon is, I did not see it at the time, I was focusing in on the train and did not have a chance to tell what was going on around me at that split second. If I was not alone while I was filming then maybe someone else would have seen this phenomenon darting around! Who knows?  Anyway there it is in black and white! The first time I saw this photo it gave me a chill to know that something was up there with me. The reason I'm finally posting this is because I just came back from Sedona, AZ and spent some time in the canyons, Boyton canyon mostly. These are the red rock canyons. If you have never been there and you are into this kind of thing then this is the place for you. Just always keep in mind to always respect these types of places and their heritage! Myself being a spiritual person this was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Sedona! I purchased a couple of books by Tom Dongo who is a local in the Sedona area.  I have become more interested in these types of phenomenon over the years.

But after reading a few books along with the pictures and then visiting the Pine Bush UFO web site, I realized that I have filmed a form of phenomenon. Who new?  I am always watching the skies, and will

be making more trips to the Pine Bush area now that my fire has been lit!

Thomas Zadubara


Jackie writes about her experience in Upstate New York

During the years of 1946-1948 over upstate N.Y. not far from Griffith Air Force base, my family and friends had many sightings of UFO's. One in particular stands out. My brother, cousins and I asked our parents if we could go to the local store for some gum. This was around 1:00pm in the afternoon in broad daylight. As we headed down the country road I noticed on my left what appeared to be a bright reflection, similar to a mirror being held to the sun. Being the adventuresome member of the four of us I went off to investigate. What I saw was a large silvery round shaped vehicle on the ground. I approached this craft and as silly as this sounds a fence seemed to pop up in a few seconds surrounding the vehicle. My cousins tried to pull me back and I had a being approach and without moving its lips it asked me what we were doing there. The being also said they would not hurt me. From that point on I vaguely remember my brother and cousins crying and I felt just curious.

The next memory is of my parents and my Aunt walking along the road looking for us. We had been gone over 5 hours and it was getting late. Almost 3 or 4 months after this happened during a Joe Lewis champion boxing fight on the radio a knock came to our door. A gentleman in Military uniform was there and spoke a long time with my parents. When he left my mom was crying and my dad was angry. I was told never to mention what we had seen again or I would never see my family again. I have kept this memory very vivid in my mind and have thought about hypnosis to find out what happened and to convince myself I am not crazy. Bud Hopkins has interviewed me and he assured me I was neither crazy or hallucinating. He asked me several questions and after I answered them he informed me he was quite sure I had an encounter of the third kind. My brother is deceased, my cousins moved out west and over the years we have lost contact. The last time I spoke to one of my cousins two years later and he remembered but would not talk about it to anyone.

A well respected researcher and good friend lends his story and picture to the site.. Thanks to C.B.

This photo was taken in Pine Bush at Drexel Road right at the stone pull-off, about 1/8 of a mile from Route 52.  The day was the last Saturday in August, 1999, the time was 8:00PM, the weather was by memory lightly cloudy, and the camera was pointed up Drexel towards Route 52 in a Southerly direction.  The camera used is a Olympus Infinity Jr., an automatic 35mm.  The film used was CVS brand, and the lab used to develop the original print is the North New Jersey CVS lab that local branches send film to for overnight developing (this was not done on a one-hour arrangement in the local store).  The close-up reprint was done by the now-defunct company Seven in New York City.  An important note about this photo was that nothing was seen by the eye when the photo was taken, either through the viewfinder or upon scanning the street before pointing the camera.

When the original roll was developed, I didn’t think much of the print initially, but grew curious about it the more I looked at it.  So I arranged to have one of the processing managers, K.I., at the New York industrial photography/imaging company Seven examine the negative and print.  I gave him minimal background about the photo-saying nothing about the reputation for anomalous images showing up on film in the Pine Bush area.  He examined the negative using a self-illuminated table and a magnifying glass.  He repeatedly asked me whether I was sure I saw nothing when taking the picture.  I then started asking him about various possible explanations, such as lens flare, faulty film stock, and the effect of static electricity on the negative.  He felt that there was nothing he saw to suggest those explanations were appropriate.  After a good twenty minutes looking at the print and negative, and questioning me about the conditions and situation concerning the taking of the photo, he expressed his opinion that the image in the photo was not a result of camera aberrations, bad film stock or faulty developing, but objectively showed something that was in the environment during the time the photo was taken.  He did not make a suggestion as to what the image represented, but became more visibly troubled the more we talked about the photo’s circumstances.  As he kindly donated his time to me, which ended up being a half-hour, I purchased an order to have the image to be enlarged and lightened to bring up as much latent image as possible.  The resulting enlargement at least gives more of the impression that the lights are three-dimensional in nature, but outside of the ball-like nature of the lights being more pronounced, nothing else can be gleaned from the enlargement.

Upon re-visiting the area, I examined whether there was anything that could account for the lights in this photo, such as road reflectors along the side of the road.  I saw nothing that could account for the lights.  It is also worth noting that I have taken many other photos of that particular section of street from the same location, both the night this particular photo was taken and in subsequent nights, and have never produced this image again.

So what we have here is a curiosity, nothing more and nothing less, provocative when considering the Pine Bush area’s mysterious reputation.  I dare not guess what it is in this photo, but I am happy I went through the process of getting the negative examined.  I hope to do so with a few other photos from nights in Pine Bush in the future.



Edward from Tennessee shares his story with us.

On September 12, 1997, my son and I went to mow Dogwood Church and Cemetery after I got off  my job. When we were finished, I asked my son what time it was.  He said it was 8:50 pm.


A few minutes later, while I was loading my mower on my trailer, my son said, "What the hell!"


"I asked, "What's wrong?"


"He pointed to the sky and said, "That star next to the full moon is moving."


I looked up, and at first I couldn't tell that the star was moving. Then I noticed that it moved forward and stopped. I stopped watching it, and went back to tying my mower on my trailer. When I got in between my truck and trailer, I looked up again.  It stated to move forward again. I thought I was tying down my mower with my eyes closed. I was feeling weird.


As I turned to my son, I asked him, "Is it gone?"


My son said, "Didn't you see it leave?"


I said, "No. Where did it go?"


He said, "It went straight up."


I said, "Damn it! I miss it."


We got in the back of my trailer and set on the rails. My son was on one side and I was on the other. We started talking  about it and looking at the sky.  We sat there a little while before we got out of the trailer and got into the truck to go home.


I turned to my son and said it might have been a meteorite. When we got home, I walked into the house and I told my wife we saw a UFO at the cemetery. I left it at that. I didn't  say any more about it the rest of the night.


The next day, I got up and went to work. I told the guys at work  that I saw a UFO at the cemetery. I left it at that, I didn't say any more about it the rest of the day.


As days went by, I had a flashback like a TV screen coming on in my head. Later   when I would talk about it, I would lose my eyesight for about four or five seconds before my vision would return. It only happened when I would talk about it.


I don't lose my eyesight any more. I guess it is all the memory I am going to get. This is what I remember in my flashback. When I got in between my truck and trailer, I looked up while I was tying the mower.  The star moved forward and then made a ninety degree turn before it moved a little ways. Then it made an eighty-five degree turn. It moved a little ways before it stopped and twinkled like a star. It sat there about thirty seconds before it took off faster than anything on this planet  It went from a dead stop to a blur. 


When it first took off, it left a streak of light behind it. I started looking all over the sky. I looked over the cemetery and then I turned and looked up over the church. When I turned back, I could see the ship up over the trees sitting there momentarily and then it started to come toward me really fast. I could see little red lights on the front of it. It landed in front of me, but strangely it didn't make any noise.  I just sat there about thirty seconds before I heard a click sound like somebody threw  a switch. The lights hit me in the face. I threw my hands in front of my face. I tried to look at it, but the light was blinding. I heard another click, and white light came at me and overtook me. THEN I started to wake up, but before I could open my eyes, I could heard a low humming sound up above me, When I finally opened my eyes, I was standing on my feet.  I felt as though I was coming  out of some kind of a trance.  I noticed  a round light about the size of a basketball shining down on the parking lot, It was moving away from me.


When I looked up, I could see the front of the ship which was turning.  It stopped and sat over the trees. I kept looking at it. I got scared and lowered my head, turning it to the right. I got stiff and I was afraid to move.


I said to myself, "This can't be happening."  I was afraid to look back up. I wanted it to leave. I kept my head turned and waited.  When it  finally started to move, I noticed from the corner of my eye a light moving. The object  moved  to the right and flew across my eye path in front of the church. I looked up and I could see a flickering light at a  distance. I kept repeating to myself, "It's a plane; it's a plane." As I was shaking  my head, I realized I was losing my memory as it was happening.  I don't remember it disappearing. I could only remember coming out of some kind of a trance. 


Later I remembered that there were two ships.   The one that came down in front of me.  It was not big, had a slope about it, somewhat like a triangle shape, pulled to a pointed front. The long one was saucer shaped.  In the front, it had no windows or doors.  Instead it had three slits in the front, and under the slits there were two rows of round bumps. On the fin was one row of bumps going around its edge.  The ship was gold and long.