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To inform the public about the Ongoing paranormal "Hot Spot" that originates in Pine Bush, NY. In these pages you will find everything you need to understand the phenomenon at large. The peak of activity happened in the 1980s and continues to this day (just at a lower frequency). You will also find testimonials, interviews, pictures and other intriguing evidence that might make you a believer. Pine Bush, NY is not like most UFO Hot Spots, Pine Bush is one of a kind and to this day the activity is still present!

Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month @ 7:30pm in the Old School House in Walker Valley. If you would like to request more information about monthly meetings please contact us.

The Pine Bush Community has come together to share their experiences along with friendly conversation, so please feel free to join us. With your subscription you will get the benefits of up to the minute Pine Bush Activity, meeting information, and friendships with others from the UFO community. This group is monitored daily to keep your mailbox SPAM free!

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The Evidence

Pine Bush Photo Evidence

Pine Bush "Strange Universe 1"

Pine Bush "Strange Universe 2"

Pine Bush Audio Interviews

Interview With Ellen Crystall

Links to other video feeds regarding the Pine Bush Phenomenon.

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Pine Bush Anomaly Archive

Welcome to the Pine Bush Anomaly Archive, an effort to thoroughly compile and study the accounts of unusual experiences in the Orange/Ulster area of upstate New York.  The Archive serves as a place for people to report both current and old sightings of unfamiliar objects, images or animals, as well as anomalous experiences occurring in and around Crawford Township.  The gathering of data will be done in such a manner to allow analysis from the viewpoint of a variety of hypotheses on anomalous experiences.  It is the hope of this project that a greater understanding of this interesting, complicated subject can be achieved and then be applied to other areas of reputed anomalous activity.

 C. Burns, PBAA webmaster

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Sedona, Arizona

 Another Pine Bush 3000 miles away?

I have been very blessed by spending much time in this area. I travel there often enough that I could open a new website and offer my opinion and experiences that I have had in this unique area. In my opinion, Sedona is much like Pine Bush, NY except for the deep cold winters. The phenomenon in both areas are typically the same. Unusual lights, crafts of all shapes and sizes, ghosts, shadows and  fairies  have all been reported in this community of never ending beauty. I have had many experiences in this area and I have found the energy  to be so strong  it can take your breath away. I have just begun to open up the doorway into Sedona, Arizona where many people have and have witnessed awesome phenomena. I am looking forward  to share that with you in my up and coming website.  Still Under construction!,

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