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Activity is still happening in Pine Bush, NY


Video taken on Drexel Drive. Ground strobes over or near Marshmellow field, 9:30pm - 9:39pm was the most activity I have seen in a long time! It was nice to see that the some activity is still possibly there.


Lebel PDF

The Hidden Harry Lebelson Files In 2005 C. Burns discovered these files. When Ellen Crystall investigated Pine Bush she would partner up with Harry Lebelson who wrote all about it. Here are 18 pages (never seen before) are only released on this site. They are definitely worth a read. The files have really interesting information and personal sightings made by Mr. Lebelson and a few others.!

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The Pine Bush Phenomenon

- The Pine Bush Phenomenon
The first booked published by Vincent Polise has sold hundreds of copies and is in print all around the world. If your interested in reading about the area and Vincent's many encounters with the Phenomenon. Purchase or download now!

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NEW~ After many years of chasing phantom lights, strobes and other strange phenomenon, We put together a map. A "Portal" map, that shows the major areas of "Prime Activity". It is relatively basic and easy direction wise, if you are interested in "some" of the locations that the phenomenon presents itself then Click here to view the basic map.

In the future I plan on revealing the "exact" locations of these portals so stay tuned, the map is in the works!

See the photos and read the Interview, click the link below

Interview with Vincent Polise


Strobe Video taken in 2007. Have you witnessed this phenomenon? If so please contact us, we want to hear about it.




Photo Evidence
Craft over Marshmellow Field

Pine Bush , New York

Watch Videos
Route 52

Pine Bush, New York
Anonymous 1990s

Searsville area

Pine Bush, New York
Courtesy: Sue Mann

Original Hudson Valley UFO

Hudson Valley , NY
Courtesy: Anonymous


Light Beams on Searsville Road

Pine Bush , NY
Courtesy: Vincent Polise

Strange over cemetery

Hudson Valley , NY
Courtesy: Anonymous

Squiggles in Pine Bush

Pine Bush , New York
Courtesy: Sue Mann

Pine Bush UFO

Pine Bush , New York
Courtesy: C.Burns

Craft coming down over Searsville Rd.

Pine Bush , New York
Courtesy: Anonymous