Orbs taken in the area of Dubois Road on the way into the town of Shawangunk, NY. I included this photo because of the orb that appears to be splitting into two with a purple haze.



This photo was taken in October of 1996 at about 9:30pm on a clear chilly night outside the Jewish Cemetery fence on Route 52. For some specific reason the Ufos that visit this area seem to be attracted to the woods that are adjacent to this small cemetery. On the ground there are 2-3 small orbs that are just resting at the base of the cemetery fence.


Here we have a very strange photo with a purple orb resting on the ground, but the interesting part is there is a break in the orb. A tree branch has broken through the orb. I have never seen a photo with a punctured center. Filmed around the West Searsville area. Fall of 1997



Another orb in Pine Bush, which was taken with a Sony Mavica Digital camera at 11:15pm in the the Jewish Cemetery. This larger orb seems to have smaller orbs connected to each side. Kind of reminds me of a photo of Saturn.



Below is a Can-shaped orb taken in the summer of 1995 and filmed with a Pentex K-1000 with 400ASA Infrared film. I have tried all types of film and lens filters whether colored or clear and these anomalous images show up no matter what. This orb is just cruising over the corn field across from the Jewish cemetery.



Below is the cemetery fence post on Route 52, located at the Jewish cemetery.

Interesting photo of small floating orb directly in front of the tree.


This is another rare photo of an orb in flight. I left this photo at its normal resolution and size. This was NOT taken in the Pine Bush, but was taken at my home in Northern New Jersey in 1999. While taking photos with my Sony Mavica I must have been very close to an orb that was resting on the ground. I must have scared this image , being, or orb and it decided to get out of my way.


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