January :

Recent Update:

The Jewish Cemetery on Route 52 has widened their burying area. Some of the forest has been cut down and parking is still somewhat off limits. I use the word "off-limits" however still in 2009 I wouldn't feel that I was in any sort of trouble by parking in the area.

The huge field across from the cemetery as some call it Marshmallow field is now developed with large houses. Since the economy is in a national slump, houses throughout are not selling, so even parking in a dirt or gravel drive way would not buy you any hard time if the police came by. Again, the Town of Crawford and Montgomery are great people and the police officers are people you would want to talk with because "they" are the ones out 24/7 watching the area. The ones I have spoken to have seen their fair share of strange objects!

Below are some pictures taken in 2008 of the area. Have not had the pleasure of being in the area in 2009 as of yet but as always looking forward to it...


                                       Just as the sign says "POSTED" NO TRESPASSING!


                               MARSHMALLOW FIELD UNDER CONSTRUCTION in 2008


                                MARSHMALLOW FIELD UNDER CONSTRUCTION in 2008




                                    JUST THE NIGHT SKY ON A GORGEOUS AUGUST NIGHT...


                                         PINE BUSH SKY WATCHER AND HER DOG W/CAMERA

                                                  INFRARED MODE AT 9:00 DARKNESS


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