This very unique photograph was taken directly in front of the Jewish cemetery. The image on the left side of the picture was filmed around 8:00pm with 400 asa film. The squiggle light that is seen here is actually in front of the tree branches, not behind them. There were no planes or crafts that were visible in the sky at the time. The tree is only about 5-10 feet away from the camera, which proves the activity in this area was extremely close.


Small "E" shaped squiggle is over the cornfield on Chapel Road in Crawford County. Nothing was visible, but there were "planes" in the area at the time. I do not have too much information on this photo, but there are other photos on this site that will be have the same likeness.


This is one of the best photos taken on the West Searsville Road. This photo below shows a farm house in the background, but it is what is lurking over the cornfield that peaks our curiosity. This white image wasn't seen with the naked eye but registered quite nicely on film. Taken with a Pentex K-1000 and 400ASA film this photo is spectacular in showing the alien technology that is surveying the area! If you look close enough you can also see that this white alien surveyor has a white beam of light shooting on an angle towards the ground. Why?


Photo taken in Pine Bush, I'm not exactly sure where. There are three small glowing balls of light noted in this picture. Most photos were taken over cornfields. This could be an emission from a craft or it could be the headlights of a craft moving or hovering above .


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