This photo is a series of two.  You will see that the tree in the center is exactly the same as the second photo. The glowing ball of light that is hovering in the tree it is known as an "ORB" or a small plasma light. This image was not visible to my eyes when this photo was taken. Neither was the next photo...



A subsequent frame of the previous photo, shows the possible "ORB" or Plasma light splitting into two. The other image noted here is the "light beam" directly under the lights. Again none of this was visible to the naked eye.



Trailing lights crossing through the West Searsville area. This photo was taken in 1995 on a clear night, where these double images of a wavy object appeared to fly over this farm field.


The next three photos were all taken in sequence on West Searsville Road in the winter of 1994. These photos were taken around 9:00pm under cloudy conditions. On Searsville Road there are no street lights and there are not as many conventional household lights in the area. These three lights are what we call "Squiggles" no one is sure what these images represent or where these light come from. They are not seen by the naked eye, however do register on the negatives .


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