This photo is taken by a close friend  in mid-summer of 1995 within the Pine Bush area. The photo was taken with a instamatic camera with 400 asa film. The are also small Tesla Globes around this squiggle image.

This image is taken on West Searsville Road,  followed by the other photo directly below. There were no image seen at the time this was taken. The other photo has a few Tesla Globes that are attached to the squiggle image. These images were filmed with an Instamatic camera.

This is a Small "E" shaped squiggle over the cornfield on Chapel Road in Crawford, NY. Nothing was visible, but there were "planes" in the area at the time. I do not have  much information on this photo. There are other photos on this site that will appear to have the same likeness.



This photo was taken across from the Jewish cemetery in the winter of 1994. This light-squiggle was not in the field, nor was there any conventional lights located in the area when this photo was taken.


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